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I have created this website, for anybody who keeps fancy goldfish in Europe. If you like sharing your day by day fish keeping with others, you would be more than welcome to use this site for it!

  • Suggestions


    I am very open to suggestions, so if you feel like there is something missing on this site, or if you have a good idea, please do add it as a comment bellow. You can optionally create an account, so that you can keep up with updates to your suggestion, as well as use it…

  • New fish in the tank!

    New fish in the tank!

    Two new fish have moved in, and although they were re-homed from a previous owner, I don’t feel that it would be fair to call them rescues.

  • 3 x RIP

    3 x RIP

    I have recently lost three fish to injuries, genetics and infections. This would have put be off previously, and it still has, but I now know that this happens to even the best of us

  • Frank


    The story of Frank – one of the first goldfish that I got back when I started keeping goldfish, in the end of 2022

  • Last chance for the baby

    Last chance for the baby

    I have had this tiny little baby for just over a week, and I have tried almost anything that I had. I started off with an antibiotics treatment, combined with salts, to fight any bacterial and fungus infection that it could have had. The small bite marks it had when I got it, are more…

  • Borrowed Rescue

    Borrowed Rescue

    I convinced the local petshop to let me treat this baby black moor in hope that it would not get infected

  • Wendy got hurt!

    Wendy got hurt!

    Wendy got a small injury. I am afraid of treating it though, because sometimes trying to help can cause more damage than actual help

  • Filter fell apart

    Filter fell apart

    I have been messing with filters for ages. It started with using large sewage pipes to hold filter media, and advanced to multiple stage filters that very effectively would do biological and mechanical filtration. I have constantly adjusted and improved on these, either to make them more effective, more practical, nicer to look at or…

  • You can make your own fish food

    You can make your own fish food

    Although it may be daunting, making your own fish food is not that complicated. Making your own fish food, allows you to use fresh human grade materials and fine tune the ingredients to suite your fish. It is also quite affordable!