First Movers

A few months ago, i moved my fish over to a treament tank, and completelly emptied my main tank. I did this for several reasons

  • I wanted to sterilize it, in order to get rid of suspected skin and gill flukes.
  • I also had some issues with BBA (black beard algae). I guessed that it may be easier to get rid off like that, than try to fight it.
  • I wanted to treat the fish in a smaller tank to save on medication (instead of treating 720 lit (190 gal) every day with medication, I’d rather treat 250 lit (70 gal).
  • I wanted to build a new filter in my main tank, inspired by a DIY filter that I had made using sewage pipes. It had worked really well, but was not very nice to look at.

Everything has gone as planned, and it is now time to start the main tank back up. I have finished the DIY filter, added some black sand and filled it with water. I did some initial Prime treatment and let it warm up, but besides this I have done nothing. Yesterday, I simply started the two DIY filters and moved one filter over from the treatment tank, to boost things up. This is an important factor when setting up tanks fast. Move filters from established tanks over to the new one. This is also one of the reasons why I prefer using multiple smaller filters than one larger one.

I have today moved two fish (Sally & Clementine) over to the new tank. My plan is to let them slowly get the filters started, and in a week, maybe move one more fish over. In total I have 12 fish that will move in, but I plan on doing this over a longer period of time, while the culture of beneficial bacteria get established in the new filters


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