Lets Rock!

I have started a cycle process with my large tank, by adding a few fish, starting up the 2 brand new filters, and adding an established internal filter from one of my other tanks. Although it has been coming along nicely, it has not been the nicest tank to look at

Today I decided to do something about it. My neighbour told me that I could pick up any of the stones from his field, and as many of them as I may need. Some of the stones were too heavy to even more, and some I could not even have in my car! I chose 12 stones, more or less at random, looking mainly at the sizes and nothing else really. I wanted a few larger ones and a few smaller ones to be able to vary the setup.

I gave the stones a rough wash, and let them soak in a bleach solution for a few hours. This should take care of any living parasites that may have lived on the stones. Then I gave them a thorough scrub in running water, and a good rinse

For now, I have simply placed the rocks in the tank, without too much thought. I Find it easier to visulise what I want to do with the stones, when they are in the tank, instead of having to plan it all in my head. The fish are liking them alot already and they will spend a lot of time investigating them in the future, looking for food leftovers. All in all I am pretty excited about the progress! To be sure that any left over bleach would be neutralised, I gave the tank a dose of Prime.


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