New fish in the tank!

After what feels like a really long period of troubles, I now feel like things have settled down and that the fish are doing great. This is also why I felt safe adding these two new fish to the tank even though accepting pre-loved fish, hasn’t always gone well in the past.

It would be a shame to call these two rescues though. They did needed re-homing, but they have not been neglected or mistreated in any way. The previous owner loved them very much, and cared well for them, but also realized that getting them a larger tank was not an option. This, along with a lot of traveling, resulted in them looking for a new home.

They should be approximately 5 years old and although quite small, they seem very healthy and energetic!


Although, I appreciate funny names and puns, I am not sure that we will keep calling this one Shellfish. It is a beautiful veiltail, that reminds me a lot of Albus. He was very similar to her, but probably three times larger! Shellfish has fallen well into the tank and was begging for fool already a few hours after being introduced. Her long fins look great in the dark tank, especially when she teams up with Boris, Scarlet and even Sally (who although has shorter fins, complements the colors)


He is a strange combination of goldfish types. He has slightly telescopic eyes, but compared to regular telescopes, his eyes point forward quite a lot. He also has a fairly unique mouth that kind of points downwards. He is more timid than Shellfish, and sometimes seems to be kind of out of place, apparently sleeping. He will spring into action though whenever there is food or any likelihood of food. Although he has very few or almost no breeding stars on his gills, he has them along his dorsal and pectoral fins. He is a very beautiful and simetrical fish, with red eyes, red head and orange body.

I am very happy to bring these two in, especially because they were loved, and giving them a good home was deeply appreciated. I will do my best to keep them well. My only concern at this point is, that Spectacles has a growth on his tail that looks like a tumor. I can’t know how serious this is, but time will tell. For now, I will just keep an eye on it, and monitor how fast it grows if it at all does!


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