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I have created this website, for anybody who keeps fancy goldfish in Europe. If you like sharing your day by day fish keeping with others, you would be more than welcome to use this site for it!

  • One large or multiple small?

    One large or multiple small?

    I must admit, that I am hooked on filtration. I really love messing with them and building my own setups. A year ago, I made a filter using a PVC rain gutter filled with bio filter media. Although it worked well, it could be better. So I made an even better filter, using 9(!) PCV…

  • Lets Rock!

    Lets Rock!

    I have started a cycle process with my large tank, by adding a few fish, starting up the 2 brand new filters, and adding an established internal filter from one of my other tanks. Although it has been coming along nicely, it has not been the nicest tank to look at Today I decided to…

  • First Movers

    First Movers

    A few months ago, i moved my fish over to a treament tank, and completelly emptied my main tank. I did this for several reasons Everything has gone as planned, and it is now time to start the main tank back up. I have finished the DIY filter, added some black sand and filled it…

  • Kelp & Spirulina for DIY Goldfish food

    Kelp & Spirulina for DIY Goldfish food

    I have recently been experimenting with homemade food for the goldfish. I have been mixing brineshrimp, vegetables and scrambled eggs, to make a mixture that I then steam for 10 hours. This gives me a pretty solid mixture, that will hold for 4-5 days in the fridge, that I can feed to the fish directly.…

  • Restarting the big tank

    Restarting the big tank

    I have had fancy goldfish for just over a year now, and have had quite a lot of ups and downs with them. I believe that the downs have mainly been my own fault but to be fair, I got over excited at some point and tried to rescue any fancy goldfish that I found,…