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  • Filter fell apart

    Filter fell apart

    I have been messing with filters for ages. It started with using large sewage pipes to hold filter media, and advanced to multiple stage filters that very effectively would do biological and mechanical filtration. I have constantly adjusted and improved on these, either to make them more effective, more practical, nicer to look at or…

  • Post-Filtering experiment

    Post-Filtering experiment

    You may have heard of pre-filters, but have you ever thought of post-filtering? Check out my experiments with filtering the water that comes out of my filters!

  • One large or multiple small?

    One large or multiple small?

    I must admit, that I am hooked on filtration. I really love messing with them and building my own setups. A year ago, I made a filter using a PVC rain gutter filled with bio filter media. Although it worked well, it could be better. So I made an even better filter, using 9(!) PCV…

  • Lets Rock!

    Lets Rock!

    I have started a cycle process with my large tank, by adding a few fish, starting up the 2 brand new filters, and adding an established internal filter from one of my other tanks. Although it has been coming along nicely, it has not been the nicest tank to look at Today I decided to…

  • Restarting the big tank

    Restarting the big tank

    I have had fancy goldfish for just over a year now, and have had quite a lot of ups and downs with them. I believe that the downs have mainly been my own fault but to be fair, I got over excited at some point and tried to rescue any fancy goldfish that I found,…