Personally, I don’t like rules unless they are needed. Obviously, some rules need to be in place, in order to make this place safe to use. Further more, as this is a non profit idea, and even non revenue platform, we have to limit the hosting costs. Therefore, hosting huge galleries or long videos is not possible

Please consider these guidelines when sharing:

  • TEXT: You are welcome to share as much text as you want. You could make posts every day if you feel like it!
  • IMAGES: I don’t want to add a limit to the number or size of images shared, but when or if you upload images, I would appreciate if you downscale them before you upload them. There will be no hard rules about this, but it would help a lot if we don’t waste storage on unnecessarily large images.
  • VIDEOS: You are welcome to share videos, but I am afraid that this website can’t host them. That would be way too expensive. You are welcome to create a post though, and embed them there from external platforms (simply a youtube link will auto-embed it in a post). You can also use Peertube to host your videos if you referere a more private alternative.


As mentioned, I don’t want to create rules before they are needed. Therefore, I will simply request that you only post content that you have the rights to, or have gained permission to share. I also expect you to credit any content, to its rightful owner.

Any referrals and bonus links are allowed, but need to be clearly marked as referrals and users must not be in doubt that you may gain a bonus by them clicking on them.

Commercial users, are welcome, but please avoid spam or illegal content. Furthermore, please consider that the audience of the site are users who live in Europe. Although we do love fish breeders and distributors from abroad, having animals or food delivered inside Europe is often problematic

I expect all of you to be kind and friendly to each other. Accept that we all have different levels of knowledge and different levels of experience. It is important to correct the ones who make mistakes, or lack knowledge, but it is important to do it in a kind, respectful and gentle manner.

Help each other with anything you can. We are all good at different things. If you can, offer your help to the ones who need it. Maybe it is with graphics, maybe spelling, or maybe even co-operate to make shared content! We are here to make the best of it, and often, the best results, come from people joining forces.

If you find something that you feel should not be here, please contact me, and I will take care of it as fast as possible. I expect that things will get better the longer we run this site, but I do expect some hick-ups to start with