About “us”

For now, “us” means mostly me, but I hope that more of you will join the idea of creating an online European community for fancy goldfish keepers, who will promote correct and respectful lives for these fantastic fish!

A place for Fancy Goldfish owners in Europe!

Who is this for?

To start with, I wanted to create a place where people can share their passion. From there, we can go anywhere!

I hope that you will use this website to share your own passion for fancy goldfish. Whether it is by writing serious blog posts about goldfish, product reviews, creative ideas, or laid back updates about your day to day experiences with your fish. It really does not matter much. You could even just run a journal of your tanks, or maybe describe your routines. We love to read and watch anything about goldfish!

Whatever you choose to share, just keep in mind that it is for a European audience.

  • Serious or funny blog posts about fancy goldfish
  • Your videos about goldfish
  • Photo-updates, or galleries of your fish and fish keeping
  • Distributor updates about new stock or new imports

Future Plans

  • Automatic post to fediverse
  • Discord update bot.
  • Automatic referral detection
  • Forum/Community/Club