Wendy got hurt!

Yesterday evening, I noticed that Wendy had somehow gotten an injury bellow her right eye! I have tried to remove as many dangerous hardscape as possible, and really can’t see how she could have hurt herself in the current setup. I only has rounded stones and large anubia plants. I assume that this was one of those things that happen no matter how careful you are. I let her be, until today, where I had the chance to get a better look

I have lost fish to similar injuries, although they were probably infected. I am not too concerned with this and realize that sometimes trying to help can do more damage than good. I did give her a salt bath, to kill any bacteria, but she did not take too well to it. Actually she seemed very stressed when she got back into the tank.

For now, I think that I will let her be, and see how this develops.

7 day update

I had hopped that this would heal up by itself, but after a week, it seems to have gotten worse. The red area has grown, and also some fuzzy white area has appeared. Half a year ago, I would have panicked, already a week ago, and treated with anything that I had. Now, after giving it a chance to heal, I think that it is time to help it with some medications.

After asking for some advice with people that I trust, I settled on a treatment with some antibiotics that I had at hand, and some salt.
I am using 1 spoonful of salt per 2 gallons (8 liters), and 1gr of Funox powder (Nitrofurantoine + Oxytetracycline). I will need to do some heavy water changes, but I can use water from my main tank, so it is no big deal. I will need to treat with Funox again in 4 days, and remember to add salt to the water that I replace into the tank

The idea is that salt will treat fungus, and Funox will treat the bacteria. Wish her good luck!


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