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  • 3 x RIP

    3 x RIP

    I have recently lost three fish to injuries, genetics and infections. This would have put be off previously, and it still has, but I now know that this happens to even the best of us

  • Frank


    The story of Frank – one of the first goldfish that I got back when I started keeping goldfish, in the end of 2022

  • Last chance for the baby

    Last chance for the baby

    I have had this tiny little baby for just over a week, and I have tried almost anything that I had. I started off with an antibiotics treatment, combined with salts, to fight any bacterial and fungus infection that it could have had. The small bite marks it had when I got it, are more…

  • Borrowed Rescue

    Borrowed Rescue

    I convinced the local petshop to let me treat this baby black moor in hope that it would not get infected

  • Wendy got hurt!

    Wendy got hurt!

    Wendy got a small injury. I am afraid of treating it though, because sometimes trying to help can cause more damage than actual help